Monarch Butterfly and Caterpillar

We hit the jackpot on our first ever visit to McCloud Nature Park when Laci spotted a monarch butterfly and a monarch caterpillar. As we were entering the trail into the woods, I mentioned to her that I had not had a good shot at a monarch butterfly in a long time, probably years. Less than two minutes later she exclaimed, “Look over there.” And there it was, the monarch butterfly sitting alone and ready for a picture. Then later, as we left the park, we stopped at the entrance sign to take a couple of pictures. Laci, again, says, “Look at this.” And there it was, the monarch caterpillar. I think the next time, I will tell Laci I have not seen a pot of gold in a long time and see what she finds!

McCloud Nature Park straddles the Big Walnut Creek on the western edge of Hendricks County here in Indiana. Although our visit was only about an hour or so, we came away with a good collection of shots comprising natural and of artificial objects; I will share those pictures over the next few days. We will return again soon to the park to do some more exploring!


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