Another Texas Wildflower

“It is easier to tell a person what life is not, rather than to tell them what it is. A child understands weeds that grow from lack of attention, in a garden. However, it is hard to explain the wild flowers that one gardener calls weeds, and another considers beautiful ground cover.”
-Shannon L. Alder

(Click on any picture to get a closer look at the color of these little flowers!)


Some might not consider this a wildflower, but I found this batch in a field of wildflowers about two hundred yards off a Gulf Coast beach in Galveston, Texas. Commonly called Firewheel, Indian Blanket, Indian Blanketflower, or Sundance, these perennials populate the central United States from Mexico to Canada. It is the State Wildflower of Oklahoma.


Enthusiasts transplanted these flowers to Taiwan where it is known as Tianren Daisy (“天人菊” traditional Chinese.) It is the County Flower of Punghu County.



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