Two for the Price of One

They do it to me every time. I get sent to the grocery store to buy something. So I ask for the specifics and the answer always comes back: ‘you decide.’ Then the pressure is on. I pace the aisles at the grocery store over the burden of the decision I have to make. The sweat pours from my forehead; I tremble; I bump into food displays and other shoppers as I wrestle with the question that lies in front of me: ‘do I choose the barbecue chips or the sour cream and onion chips?’ If I choose poorly, I face the wrath of the angry mob back home. It is more than a flip of the coin. It is a quest for the truth.


However, they never ask me to choose between white and lavender flowers. For if they did, I would be ready. I saw these wild flowers by a road at the Galveston Island State Park in Texas. I am not sure what they are, but if they ask me to choose from white or lavender flowers, I will proudly answer: ‘I can get you both for the price of one!’


I will patiently wait for the opportunity…


    1. Thank you! I had never seen them here in Indiana. I saw these in the pictures in Texas while I was traveling. They are colorful! I had never seen two totally different flowers arranged like this out of the same plant – very unusual!

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    1. Thank you for the information. Charlotte has been dealing with columbines in our front flower bed for the last couple of years. They show up everywhere and are difficult to destroy completely too!


    2. This is not so much a problem in the US – it has been naturalized in the Gulf states, however I understand it is a problem in Australia and South East Asia. I personally love it and the infinite variety of colors. (Have one in my yard).


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