Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate – Sand Castle

I met a man pulling a wagon from the beach as I approached the same beach late one afternoon. I said hello; he returned the hello and we both walked on. When I reached the beach I saw this sand castle and deduced that the man was the artist.

A little while later as I was leaving the beach I passed the same man and asked him about the sand castle.

He said it was his.

I congratulated him for his work.

He said it was not so great; it was his first sand castle of the year and he needed to work out some kinks in his technique. But he thanked me anyway.

I remain impressed nevertheless.

(Click anywhere on the picture to zoom in on the detail!)


I regret that I did not get the man’s name so I could recognize him in this post. I made sand castles when I was a kid. They looked nothing like this!

(Click on any picture to open the gallery for a better view of the details!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate


    1. It looks that way! This was the only one I saw and I walked around a bit after I saw this one. I talked to the fellow who had worked on this one. He did not say anything about another one, so maybe it belonged to some other person who had been out honing his skills too.

      I was rather surprised when I saw your pictures. I was in Pasadena on a business trip last week and spent the evenings at Galveston to get some pictures and eat dinner. The temps were just right, the birds were everywhere and, relatively, no tourists!

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      1. Hope you got time to visit the Galveston Strand which is more historical than hysterical as is the new-ish entertainment pier. Quick run from Pasadena to Galveston. Glad you found your way there. The crazy tourist season is about to begin, so good timing!

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        1. I definitely would like to explore some more – I have never spent so much time on any coast before last week. I am sure I will get to go back on another trip probably before the year is over – hopefully that will NOT be during the summer!!

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  1. Wow! Pretty darned good and definitely intricate!! Each year at Christmas we have a local event which includes a gigantic sandcastle of Santa’s workshop – lifesized. I’m fascinated by these things!

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