Vegetable Soup

There is nothing better than hot soup on a cold day. This week has provided us with nightly temperatures down to -3°F and wind chills around twenty below.


Charlotte made a pot of vegetable soup Saturday night. We had some for lunch on Sunday after church. By Sunday evening, the pot was empty. Even after soaking overnight, the vegetables were all crisp, not soggy, and the spices gave it all a subtle bite.


You can find the recipe here. The only modification in what the recipe shows: we had no marjoram on hand, so that is missing; and tomato juice substituted for the water. Using juice instead of water made for fuller-bodied broth, which I like very much. Of course, this is an open-ended recipe and, just like meatloaf, the ingredients are subject to the whims of the cook! Enjoy!


    1. Whoa. I have never seen -35 in real life. We will get about -10 tonight – I think my personal record is -21 last year. If this global warming keeps up I’m going to have to buy a bigger furnace.


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