The Visitor


A few nights ago, this little spider joined me as I sat staring at the computer screen. I watched as he twiddled with the web he had hung between the monitor and cpu. He worked the web back and forth until he, apparently, found it to his liking – it kind of reminded me of a dog rearranging his blanket randomly until finally snorting and laying down to sleep. After that, the spider sat there and waited for dinner to show up. It never did, at least while I was there. He did not come back the next tonight.


Generally, I tell the kids not to bother the spiders in the house – they kill the rats. The kids call me stupid when I say that, but we do not have any rats in the house – so who is the stupid one? Actually, the only bugs we are allowed to kill in the house are the flies and the thousand-leggers. Anything else that we cannot chase or shew out of the house goes to the spiders, including the crickets, which I thoroughly detest. This detente works out very well for us and probably explains why I get spiders hanging webs between my monitor and cpu. We run a spider-friendly house here.



  1. Funny! Love this post and the comparison between a spider and a dog, as well as the rat control theory. Quite observant. I’m with you on the no-kill policy. Weirdly, a cricket turned up yesterday morning (they are rare and it’s late in the season anyway). I dubbed him the Christmas Cricket. He jumped all around but I caught him and showed him the door.


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