The Plainfield Pedestrian Bridge

The Plainfield Pedestrian Bridge
The Plainfield Pedestrian Bridge

Yesterday we visited County Bridge 216 that crosses White Lick Creek as a part of the bicycle trail that I ride almost every day. The second of two bridges along the bike trail, and less than a mile north of yesterday’s bridge, is the Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge joins the center area of town with the new ball fields on the west side of White Lick Creek. The bridge is a simple suspension bridge that blends very well into the natural scenery that surrounds it. Symbolically the emblem at the top of the arch represents the Town of Plainfield and its connection to the National Road. Completion of the National Road opened the first overland roadway between the Mississippi River and the East Coast. It served as a lifeline to Indiana farmers in the early 19th century as their grain traveled eastward and parts and supplies came back to them.

Tomorrow, we will travel back into town on the National Road to the site of Infamous Van Buren Elm.


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